Someone is turning American school girls into suicide juggernauts.

Local hypnotherapist Buffy Rayburn has been drafted into the service of a “special task force” dispatched to investigate the worst schoolyard shooting in U.S. history, the May Day Massacre. Buffy is the leading expert in the hotly debated existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Detective Jack “Black Jack” Carnahan investigates the brutal homicide of a postal employee and his family. A mysterious Man In Black agent from Homeland Security is focusing on Carnahan over the victim’s computer hard drive and what wasn’t on it when taken into custody.

Meanwhile, in the swamps of Louisiana, Special Agent Mallory Hammond is trussed up for ritual sacrifice by an inbred clan of alligator farmers. A startling discovery has been made: the frightening swamp dwellers have been trafficking in an exotic species — a species that has never been observed alive in the wild before.

While Jack Carnahan races against the clock to discover the connections between a pint-sized suicide juggernaut, the brutal killings of a UFO researcher and his family, and the U.S. Government, a gang of assassins-for-hire, Denver Police motorcycle traffic cops by day, are closing in, determined to add Blackjack Carnahan to the list of casualties being shredded in this Pretty Hate Machine.


Don Templeton is the author of four Executioner novels published by Gold Eagle Books (#262, #264, #266, and #276) as well as the creator of his own action-horror series called¬†Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK. #1 in that series called “Pretty Hate Machine” won a Gold medal for best new novel from Literary Titan book reviews and was honorable mention for the Anything Goes category at the 2017 Hollywood Book Festival. For the last 20 or so years, Don has been under deep cover inside the U.S. Army living the dream and spying on his primary subject matter:¬†soldiers.


Don is from the Hemingway School of Writers – a writer has to live his story before he can genuinely write anything of value. That means jumping into Life and getting into a fight with Life. Don has the life scars to prove his bona fides. He has survived 100-plus airborne operations (most of those mass tac with the 3rd Ranger Battalion of the Iran-Contra era), the meat grinder of Special Forces selection (twice – twice is his favorite number), the Special Forces Qualification Course where he outwitted alpha boy tab protectors to graduate with the coveted “Long Tab”, and went to war with the best SFODA (Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha) the National Guard ever fielded: the Happy Reapers.
“Be prepared to cancel all prior engagements as this action packed, edge of your seat novel is a story you will not be prepared to put down.” — Literary review of “Pretty Hate Machine.”


“This story is one jacked up ride that will stretch your imagination and leave you breathless!”–Reader’s review of “Pretty Hate Machine.”