What does Lucifer have to do with modern insurgency?

We’re glad you asked. Actually, quite a lot. That’s if you accept the myth as literal history. If you do, and all Catholics and Christians do, then you must face an even more uncomfortable truth here. But this is a teaser and we’re not going to give away the whole show.

First, let it be known that neither the author of this delightful romp through theological legerdemain nor his esteemed publisher believe in the myth of Lucifer. In fact, we’re going to prove beyond all doubt that¬†Lucifer was never in the Bible to begin with. That’s right. Never. Was. In. The. Bible. EVER.

Acknowledging the Original Insurgent is going to take the reader on a little detective journey to present the unimpeachable evidence that some ecclesiastical hanky-panky was engaged in when the Church began promulgating the story of Lucifer to the laity as fact when it was fallacy all along.

For the sake of argument, the author takes the side of Devil’s Advocate and examines the particulars of the tale itself.¬†If the story were true, then some startling discoveries are to be made about what this story really represents. What kind of event it is really depicting.

If this is the case, then the Catholic Church needs to induct a new Patron Saint into the pantheon of saints they’ve got for just about every other human activity there is.

So buckle up, Bones. This is a intellectual magical mystery tour you won’t want to miss.

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