The Gonzo Novelist’s Down And Dirty Guide to Plotting a Novel like a Well-Timed Mechanical Ambush

This is the genre novel writing guide you’ve been looking for. Lean and mean with no fluff, filler, wazoo theories or politically correct clap-trap. This guide gets right to the point and teaches the beginning writer how to create a complete plot blueprint in 4-Steps. That’s it. It doesn’t take 500 pages to reveal this. The complete manuscript for this booklet weighed in at 37 full-length document pages. It won’t waste your time. Based on the author’s 50-plus years of writing and figuring out what works best for him, he will save you years of figuring this out for yourself. Each step of the process has an exercise attached so you can create your own plot as you read the manual. Also included is the secret to developing a distinct, unique voice and writing style in weeks, not years.

This nifty little manual will teach you how to write a plot that literally explodes in your reader’s face, keeping them glued to the page and not obsessing over what’s going on in social media.

Don Templeton is the author of five novels, this writing guide and an upcoming non-fiction title called “Acknowledging the Original Insurgent: Lucifer and the Origins of Unconventional Warfare.” Don is a retired Green Beret and author/publisher.

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